About Us

Welcome! We are the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) of the University of Louisville, located in Louisville, Kentucky. Undergraduate students currently majoring in Bioengineering at the J.B. Speed School organize, run, and participate in events for this organization.

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Our primary goal is to facilitate academic and professional excellence for our members. There are various branches of biomedical engineering, and we seek to expose our members to the branches with speakers, activities, and discussion. Furthermore, the bioengineering program requires completion of year-long cooperative internship (co-op); through connecting with past students and co-op employers, and hosting professional workshops, we help prepare younger students for co-op.

A secondary goal of ours is to promote connectedness among our members and the larger community. With approximately fifty members, we see value in facilitating networks between students, professors, and external professionals to fabricate a harmonious working medical community for the future. We do this through several events which you can feel free to explore on this website.

Photo Credits: Shah Tarun, 2019 U of L BMES President

There is a national BMES whose information can be found here. We strive to mimic the goals of this organization.